Trying to make music easier to learn and to play *...

The secret: Change the instrument to suit the music and use an explicit notation that does not change from key to key

(*) Easier to play on electronic keyboard

Music Monster

A equipment designed for people to play music with number (jianpu). Music Monster actually refers to the overall system i.e. using jianpu on a Wicki/Hayden layout keyboard with explicit labels.

Middle Root Note Method

This method is designed for keyboard playing. It is suitable for Simplified Notation, Solfege & Digital Common Notation. The main benefit is that all keys are played with the same fingering.

Digital Common Notation

The notation is created by combining elements of Common Practice Notation and Simplified Notation. The notation is explicit and only need less than half an hour to learn so musicians can concentrate on thinking about the music and not the notation.

The real benefit becomes appearance when combined with the Middle Root Note Method. It is very easy to play.


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